Original Style Restorations are available

Attention To Detail


From top to bottom, from body to frame, we pay attention to what matters most. When it comes to restoring we are capable of performing a Frame On or Frame Off restoration. We can help along the way no matter what level you are trying to achieve.

Axalta, House Of Kolor & PPG


When it comes to quality, we know you can’t cut corners in any area, especially when it comes to paint. That is why we only use quality finishes from top name brands you know and trust like Axalta, House of Color and PPG. We want to make sure the paint finish on your ride is as top notch as the ride itself. 

Rust Repair

Rust Repair Available at Rods Restoration Wizards

We know one of the most frustrating things when it comes to restoring your car is the natural enemy of Rust. Rod's Restoration Wizards has many years of experience handling this common problem, So don't worry, put your trust in us to make your dream a reality.

Certified Replacement Parts


At Rod's Restoration Wizards, we use OEM Certified parts when ever possible as long as they are available. These parts can make all the difference in a quality build which is why we use the names you know and trust like AMD, Goodmark and many more.

Frame On or Frame Off


We know sometimes budget can be a concern. Or maybe the underside of your car is in really great shape. Not to worry, at Rod's Restoration we offer all types of quality restorations including Frame On and Frame Off. 

Sand/Media Blasting Available


One of the easiest and fastest ways to get down to the bare metal of a car is with sand / media blasting. This helps expose all the problem areas of a car and really lets you know what you have to work with, so consider this when planning your next build. 

Want to see our vision? Let us make a rendering.

One of the things we know is it can sometimes be hard on a collaborative basis to see each others ideas. A way that we like to help battle the confusion of frustration of not knowing exactly what your getting is with a rendering. With the help of the team at Moffitt Brothers, we can help make your dream a reality and collaborate together to get exactly what you are looking for. Contact us for more information on adding a rendering to your build.

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