Hot Rod Power Tour 2019


Day 4 Gallery and Recap from Kentucky Speedway

Presented by Chevrolet Performance and Driven by Continental Tire

This was an awesome event. We trailered the Model A Pickup there and hung out most of the day to enjoy all the festivities. Who know we would have gotten photographed. Thanks to the team with the Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 for putting on a great event. Much love to all those doing the long haul. Was good to see our friends in the industry and even some of our good clients attend the event as well. 


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The drive to Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky from Bristol, Tennessee was the longest leg of the 25th Power Tour. At around six hours, the drive featured a large highway section mixed in with tight, two-lane roads showcasing small-town America. Once out of the sticks, the convoy emerged onto a giant property with Kentucky Speedway in the middle. A tunnel under turn three fed the cruisers into the infield of the track which was filled with vendors and a car show the size of our 70th Anniversary.

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